Important Changes to Moodle (updated 7/28)

No Longer Need to Request Moodle Shells

To help facilitate registration across the member schools, each scheduled course will automatically have a Moodle course shell.  If you have already requested a Moodle course shell for fall semester, don’t worry – it is still there.  If you haven’t done so, you don’t have to – it’s already there.

Because the student information systems and Moodle will synchronize registrations with enrollment, you will no longer need to use an enrollment key.  Once a student is registered for the course, the student will appear in Moodle (with a possible delay of up to two days).  You will need to manually add your teaching assistant(s) to the course.

Since SRCs (special reading courses) are scheduled differently, they will not automatically have a Moodle course shell.  If you would like to use Moodle for your SRC, you will need to fill out a Course Shell Request Form (the new form will be located on the Moodle Help for Faculty page).  After the SRC shell is created, you will need to manually enroll students into the Moodle course.

If you do not have access to Moodle, please let me know!


Administration Block Has Moved

The Administration block, which was located in the left-hand column, has moved to the gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the course page.  The gear icon is also where the "Turn Editing On" button is located.  The Administration block contains the course settings and options for importing material from previous courses.  The same is true for the Administration block in modules (forums, assignments, quizzes, etc.) as well.

VoiceThread Has Been Added

As promised, I have finished the VoiceThread integration to Moodle.  All Moodle users now have access to using VoiceThread.  If you had an existing VoiceThread account, it has been automatically moved over (you need to make sure the e-mail address associated with your Moodle account is the same as the one associated with your existing VoiceThread account [see note above]).

VoiceThread is located in the “Add an Activity or Resource” menu in Moodle.  Further instructions for using VoiceThread can be found here:

The following instructions are for students:

We’ll be having some training sessions throughout the fall semester about how to use VoiceThread.


Upgrade to Moodle Version 3.2

Earlier in July, our Moodle installation was updated.  Some of the major changes are listed here:

A fuller list (the “release notes”) is here:


Changes in Moodle Appearance

To take advantages of some of the new features, I have changed the appearance of our installation of Moodle to the “Boost” theme.  The first time you log in with the new theme in place, you’ll be given a “tour” of the new features.  One exciting new addition is the week/topic menu that appears for each course in the left-hand column.

Last modified: Friday, August 25, 2017, 10:53 AM